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Lisa E. Clary has been with The Mecklenburg Sun newspaper in South Hill and Clarksville, VA for over 27 years where she works as an account executive, reporter and photographer. She has spent of most of her life working in the media field including a 2 year period in Louisburg, NC with The Franklin Times, and over 15 years with WLES Radio in Lawrenceville as an on air radio personality/DJ, and account executive. She also wrote and produced commercials for local businesses during that time. A year or so after graduating high school she worked for another local paper for just over a year (The Enterprise), before moving on to radio and then back into the newspaper business. She is from Lawrenceville and knows the community and the people well in both Brunswick and Mecklenburg Counties and considers most of the people she works with friends.

Lisa is a member of the South Hill Rotary Club, The Farmers Market, Lions Club International, The South Hill Chamber of Commerce, The Relay for Life Committee and The South Hill Revitalization Committee. She works to promote her community any way she can and enjoys working with all the people that she comes into contact with from day to day. She has three sisters, a brother and one niece who she loves very much.

Lisa currently serves as the Rotary Club President and Public Relations and International Director for the South Hill Chapter.




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